The Mr Universe of Music

The Mr Universe of Music

Article from Muscle & Fitness and Flex Magazine 


Ty Og uses his bodybuilder's mindset (and physique) to help him excel in music and life.

“I look at bodybuilding as a boxing match. Every time I eat protein, that’s a punch to my opponent. When I avoid unnecessary carbs or sugar, that’s me dodging a punch, and cardio is improving my stamina in the ring. So my goal is to make sure my opponent goes down on the canvas.”

This mindset has helped Ty Ogedegbe build both his body and career in music. Born in Nigeria and growing up in London as well as the U.S., Ogedegbe first started training because like most kids, he wanted to look like a superhero.

“When I was growing up, I saw these superheroes. They were big and strong and I wanted to look like them. So I started lifting weights. I had abs, but I was skinny. I had a hard time getting bigger and stronger until I learned about nutrition, supplements, and the importance of sleep. Once I started adding that in, I started seeing results.

If you check out his YouTube page, you’ll see those results both in his workout videos as well as his music videos. He says one song he’s heard a lot about is his hit “Yala.” “Everyone tells me that “Yala” is the one they like. It’s a good, upbeat song so people like it when they’re doing cardio or training.”

His passions for bodybuilding and music combined thanks to his work with the legendary Doug E. Fresh creating “Hip Hop Public Health” (, whose mission is to help instill healthy habits into children and families through music. They wrote a song together called “10 Health Commandments,” which led to his being invited by former first lady Michelle Obama to perform at the White House. “I want to help people learn to become healthy spiritually, mentally, and physically. This is my mission now, and it was great to be a part of the Obama’s last Easter Egg Roll at the White House,” Ogedegbe says. “I want to perform and spread my message at fitness expos and at bodybuilding events as well. That’s something I’m passionate about and really want to do.” 



  • Deadlift | SETS: 2-3 | REPS: 12
  • Wide-Grip Pulldown | SETS: 2-3 | REPS: 12
  • Close-Grip Pulldown | SETS: 2-3 | REPS: 12
  • One-Arm Row | SETS: 2-3 | REPS: 12
  • Seated Row | SETS: 2-3 | REPS: 12

Rest 60-90 seconds between sets.

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